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Settlement Solutions

Settling a lawsuit can be an emotionally and physically trying process.  For many, life gets put on hold. Your attorney can be your guide during this process and works to do everything in their power to get what you deserve.  When presented with options or the financial decisions that follow, however, you are sometimes left to make extremely important decisions on your own.  At SFP Wealth, we understand this, and make it our goal to help you make smart financial decisions by serving the following functions:

Financial Assessment

We will work with you to identify your financial goals and needs through a complimentary consultation to determine how we can best serve you moving forward, either through fee-based financial planning* or specific implementation strategies.

Creating a Financial Strategy

We will perform an in-depth analysis of the various options for your settlement funds.  For divorce settlements, this includes a detailed diagnostic of investment accounts to be transferred, based on their tax status and underlying portfolio characteristics.  For plaintiff settlements, we will compare lump-sum, immediate income, and deferred income options.  We will then work with you to determine which option, or combination of, fits best with your financial goals and objectives based on a detailed cash flow analysis.


At SFP Wealth, we pride ourselves on client service, and will maintain contact with you on an ongoing basis to keep you abreast of pertinent financial updates.  Face-to-face review meetings are a top priority, as your personal financial strategy can be dynamic and ever-changing.  We have built our business around client relationships and will always make it our first priority to ensure that you are well informed and comfortable with everything that has been and needs to be done with regards to your finances.

Fee based financial planning is offered through qualified Financial Planners of MML Investors Services, LLC.