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Business Owners

If you own your own business, chances are you've at least thought about the conditions under which you will leave the business and who is going to take over after you're gone. Company-owned life insurance is one way to help protect a business from financial problems caused by the unexpected death of a key employee, partner, or co-owner. If the covered individual dies, the proceeds from this type of insurance can help in several ways. 

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Doctors and Physicians

Our team offers a variety of financial planning and management services specifically geared to the medical professional and can custom tailor a plan to meet your individual needs. We understand the demands of practicing medicine and raising a family, and we know 'financial stuff" can slip through the cracks unless somebody makes it a priority, That "somebody" is us. 

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Predicting exactly what your retirement will be like is about as possible as a meteorologist predicting the weather correctly every single time. In fact, few retirees find their financial futures playing out precisely as they assumed. But, understanding some of the more common assumptions about retirement may help you get closer to your goal than most.

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Although often overlooked, financial planning for teachers is essential. Teachers are so busy with their students that they can neglect their own needs, such as their financial security. In today's world, that can be disastrous. Here are some tips for taking care of your financial future.