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Private Client Services

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Financial Planning

While providing an overview of the big picture, our advisors develop comprehensive strategies that enable you to make stronger financial decisions. With a financial plan in place, you'll be better able to focus on your goals and understand what it will take to reach them. One of the main benefits of having a financial plan is that it can help you balance competing financial priorities. A financial plan will clearly show you how your financial goals are related - for example, how saving for your children's college education might impact your ability to save for retirement.

Client Centered

Investment Management

As markets shift and your personal needs change, our customized strategies are built to evolve. At SFP Wealth we believe investment management is a process, not a product. The combination of investments you choose for your retirement portfolio can be as important as your specific investments. The mix of various asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and cash alternatives, account for most of the ups and downs of a portfolio's returns. Deciding how much of each you should include is one of your most important tasks as an investor.

Client Centered

Protection Planning

From life insurance to long-term care and disability income, we provide a full suite of insurance policies to help you defend against the unexpected. Once you retire, and your priorities shift, your life insurance needs may change. If fewer people are depending on you financially, your mortgage and other debts have been repaid, and you have substantial financial assets, you may need less life insurance protection than before. But it's also possible that your need for life insurance will remain strong even after you retire.

Client Centered

Estate Preservation and Transfer

As your advocate, we offer custom solutions that establish a financial tradition across generations. At SFP Wealth, estate planning is more than a collection of documents. A will is often said to be the cornerstone of any estate plan. The main purpose of a will is to disburse property to heirs after your death. If you don't leave a will, disbursements will be made according to state law, which might not be what you would want. Keep in mind that a will is a legal document, and the courts are very reluctant to overturn any provisions within it. Therefore, it's crucial that your will be well written and articulated, and properly executed under your state's laws.

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